Why should you consider outsourcing company secretary services?

The idea of outsourcing company secretary service has gained huge popularity across the globe. Be it private firms or listed companies; small, large or mid-sized companies or even start-ups- all choose to outsource these services now-a-days, although only a few companies accepted this idea initially and preferred to deal with an in-house company secretary. The thought was to acquire and retain better control on the position and additionally, companies needed a dependable, accessible company secretary, which was possible by hiring an in-house secretary.

Earlier, when the companies did not see the benefits of outsourcing over hiring an in-house company secretary, the former was seen as a costly venture. However, with competitive pricing attached to it, companies are now keen on taking its advantage.

The thought of outsourcing company secretary service indubitably makes sense since:

The company can utilize money saved on enhancing business product development and infrastructure.
The company saves training costs since screening of a qualified team is outsourcing company’s duty.
The advantages of outsourcing contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of company’s daily operations, ultimately leading to the growth of the firm.
The company can benefit from vast knowledge and experience of individuals trained in delivering company secretary services.
The company can ensure timely performance of secretarial functions and that the company requirements are submitted to right authorities.

outsourcing company secretary servicesIn addition to all these benefits, outsourcing company secretary services enables you to focus on what is more important and what should be given attention in your company, ultimately leading to the growth of your firm.

Outsourcing the secretarial position actually allows your company to perform better and be on a progressive stance. Majority outsourcing companies are committed to perform duties of a company secretary only and this enables them to deliver the service more efficiently, effectively and timely.

The duties of a company secretary are important for any company’s existence. From serving as an executive assistant and communication officer to record keeping- a company secretary is required to perform all this. Only a professional with relevant experience and skills can successfully and effectively perform these tasks.

It would not be wrong to say that the benefits of outsourcing company secretary services are relatively much more than hiring an in-house company secretary. It is because of this that the demand for the former is increasing and is more likely to rise in future.

Proactive CFOs offers comprehensive company secretary services for both private and listed firms. You could engage us on a contract basis or virtual basis to meet all your company secretary requirements.

We serve as your Virtual or Part time Chief Financial Officer, offering innovative and economical solutions in equity and debt to your business and at the same time adding value to your business.

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